Syracuse Newhouse versus Falk application and acceptance rates?

Undecided between ED to Newhouse or Falk and wondering what the admissions process/acceptance rates are comparing the two schools ? Thank you.

What majors are you considering? Have you done virtual admissions sessions to learn the admissions process, and asked what the acceptance rates were?

Newhouse acceptance rate was 18% for class of 2026 (don’t know about ED), don’t know Falk acceptance rate.

If applying ED and looking for financial aid, make sure Syracuse looks affordable per their net price calculator.

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Yes, have viewed the virtuals and toured/visited in person. Both schools are amazing as are their majors and academic programs. Undecided between Sports communication major with minor in sports management or the reverse… Trying to figure out which school would be best to ED to of the two and have better chance of acceptance at. Thank you.