syracuse university banking

<p>Any suggestions/information syracuse university banking</p>

<p>HSBC and Chase are walking distance from campus. We originally chose HSBC because they have a atm on campus. Most ATM's on campus are owned by the school, there you will receive service charges. My S has since changed to Chase and goes to their ATM. HSBC really was not convenient for us to make deposits, locations not close at home. Word of advise: Include yourself on account so you can keep an eye on the finances. Chase also emails and/or text messages you when there is a low balance.</p>

<p>Most of my friends including myself have Chase. We don't even need to use the ATM and pay the extra fees because the bank is very close.</p>

<p>I chose Chase because they actually have a building just off campus, which to me is convenient if I ever need to speak to a teller. I also those this bank because there are many branches in my city so it was very convenient when I came home.
The other banks on campus:
Bank of America (only an ATM though)
and I believe Alliance is also near campus
Since they are all within walking distance I would suggest you chose a bank close to your neighborhood in order to make it easier for the student when they come home and for you if you wish to deposit money</p>