Syracuse University ED release date

I ED to Syracuse and cannot find when I will hear back. Does anyone know around when we’ll hear back?

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I’m just as excited as you are. I’ve heard from the admissions office “Mid-December”. I could be wrong but I believe last year they all came out on Thursday the 17th.


we need to find a way to learn the exact date! mid-december is FOREVER AWAY!

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I know!!! My friends’ dad is an important alumni at cuse and she is ED too. She told me he asked for info ab the release date so I will let you both know whenever I find out!

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I also applied ed and i’m so impatient!!! did anyone else apply to newhouse?

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I have a friend who is close with one of the regional admissions reps and going to try and see if she can get any info out of her. my guess is she is going to be very vague about the date.

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It’s two-three weeks.

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Hi! I am a senior in HS who applied ED to Syracuse. I called the Admissions Office yesterday and they said they are going to start releasing the applications in the third week of December. So hopefully starting on Monday the 14th.

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The mailing that came today from the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships said “late December.” Hoping for the week of the 14th!

I also EDed! Do you know where we view our decisions when they come out?

They email you so you have to keep refreshing your email. My finger is already tired thinking about it and we still don’t even know an exact date to start looking or a time.

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What is your guys stats?

I have a feeling it might be the 15th, as many other ED decisions are coming out that day. No way to know for sure though!

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Do you know if they all release at the same time for everyone or it just comes in randomly?

In years past it looks like the majority of the applicants got it on the same day at the same time in the evening!

Anyone else get a pamphlet in the mail about FAQ pertaining to applying for financial aid? Could this possibly be a good sign as decisions might be released next week?

everyone got that. even those that applied regular decision and those are not released until well into the new year.

I’m kind of stressed now because I applied ED and didn’t get one of the pamphlets in the mail. Could it be because I already applied for financial aid?

Yes. Don’t be so worried! It was just giving info about financial aid and how to apply for it and etc. Seriously don’t let that freak you out!

When did you apply?
It was literally just a pamphlet, marketing material. Nothing more than that and it’s arriving to some faster than others if at all.
It cannot mean anything beyond here’s some info to enjoy while you wait.