Syracuse University or Rochester Institute of Technology?

<p>Accepted to both - Which has the better Visual/Fine Arts program and which should I choose????</p>

<p>2muchdrama, exactly where are your interests? Visual/fine arts can be anything?</p>

<p>Accepted into Dual Program BFA Fine Arts/BA Education for Art Teacher Education at Syracuse U. Accepted into BFA Fine Arts Studio at RIT. Not sure which way to go. I’m afraid I’m pigeon-holing myself so early on by declaring Art Teacher Education, but is Syracuse the better school?</p>

<p>2muchdrama, I am not sure that Syracuse is the better school. You need to check both places out.Ask question of the students and professors that you may see. Honestly, although I think that Syracuse might…just might …be a bit better overall in fine art,
RIT’s program is no slouch. I would go to the one that gives you the best deal net of scholarships unless you feel strongly towards one school as a result of your visit. Frankly, If I were interested in Fine Art or art education, I would pick certain art schools such as MICA who gives a combined bachelors and masters degree in fine art and art education.</p>