Syracuse University VPA Vs. Columbia College Chicago? Which is better?

<p>I've been accepted to both schools and am very conflicted on which one to accept.</p>

<p>I've been accepted to VPA's Film major at Syracuse (applying to Newhouse for the film classes possibly in the future) and the Film major at Columbia College Chicago. Which Program will offer me more hands on learning time and prepare me for a career in film production? Which program will be easier to network and gain friends in? What experiences has anyone had in either program?</p>

<p>Everyone loves Syracuse even with the weather and rural campus, though chicago with an amazing city is less selective(prestigious) and has little campus community. This friday is my open house with Chicago and I want to see if anyone would support either school with information and experiences.</p>

<p>What school would look better if I wanted to possibly attempt trasfer to USC's Cinema school in a few years?</p>

<p>I think both schools have excellent reputations. My son decided on Syracuse over Columbia because we had heard that Columbia is largely a commuting college spread all over the city and that there was very little social life.</p>