Syracuse University vs University of Vermont vs Saint Michael's College

If you had to pick one of these institutions, which one would you pick and why? Thank you

UVM fantastic location and very good school.

Burlington is far nicer and infinitely more interesting than Syracuse. Burlington is such a nice town. St. Michaels is in Burlington as well but I am not familiar with the school.

I would be wary of St. Michael’s, after reading this article:

Times are hard for small, rural, less-selective LACs.

I would pick UVM. I had applied there and was accepted (even invited to Honors) but didn’t end up choosing it. It didn’t align the most academically since I wanted to do pharmacy and it was expensive. However, I think it’s a great school with a beautiful campus and solid academic programs. If I was going to do nutrition (my backup plan) or literally anything else where it was just four years, I would seriously consider the school. But that’s just my personal preference.

Agree that Burlington is a nicer town than Syracuse. UVM and St. Mike’s are such different schools but they’re both solid. Are you looking for big university or tighter community? That should drive your decision.

It depends. For business, communications, architecture, engineering, i school, or theatre, I would chose Syracuse if cost is not a factor. For liberal arts, all are good. Good luck.