Syracuse vs Penn State

<p>Can anyone share their insights regarding these two school's broadcast journalism programs? My daughter is interested in majoring in broadcast journalism and has been accepted into both the Syracuse Newhouse School of Public Communications and Penn State's College of Communications. Is the Newhouse worth the higher tuition? I personally think she can't go wrong with either school.</p>

<p>I would attend Pennslyvania State University- University Park</p>

<p>Did you attend Penn State's college of communications?</p>

<p>Penn State has a quite large alumni network if you want to take job placement into consideration ... also I have heard that if you want to be a meteorologist/Weather Anchor then there is no place better.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input, I have heard now a couple times PSU grads hire PSU grads. My daughter has her sights set on news reporting etc. but that certainly could change. SU is roughly $14K a year higher, but a well known program too.</p>

<p>I have to make the same decision. I've been accepted to PSU and also applied to Syracuse. Right now, I think PSU is the choice because of money at least before financial aid. I don't want a ton of debt after college working in journalism in this economy. Newhouse is a great school, but PSU's network and from research I've learned it is a top communications school (right outside the Syracuses, Northwesterns, and Mizzous). For these reasons PSU is a smarter choice unless aid knocks the price down to within reason.</p>