T-Mobile coverage at UCLA?

<p>Hey, guys and gals. I was just wondering how the T-Mobile coverage is on campus (i.e. reception in buildings, out of buildings, certain parts of campus etc.). Can anyone who has T-Mobile share their experiences?</p>

<p>Weak/no signal on the first floors of most buildings (especially PAB 1425, CS76, CS50, CS24). No bars except on the top floors of Vista, Terrace, and Summit.</p>

<p>Now that you mention it...how's AT&T reception at De Neve Plaza & the other parts of UCLA?</p>

<p>Do you have 3G, dtn521?</p>

<p>most services suck around the apartments [i have verizon and i get one bar near the window. most of my friends dont get any service unless they're on the balcony]. On campus, verizon is great, at&t is average, and i heard tmobile sucks =X</p>

<p>in deneve i think almost every company gets service. No service in Rieber vista at all, nor the middle rooms of terrace [i'm at the end of the hall, so i get one or two bars]. </p>

<p>lower floors of boelter get no service at all.
Thats everything i can think of of the top of my head. good luck ><</p>

<p>Wow. This... sucks. Time to switch to verizon.</p>

<p>I don't have 3G.
At UCLA, at&t is worse than T-Mobile especially with so many iPhones around. Verizon is the best.</p>

<p>Agree. I haven't met anyone with T-Mobile when visiting! :| </p>

<p>Everyone has iPhones now, boo. Verizon always wins, but their price is ridiculous.</p>

<p>Btw, would anyone happen to know anyone with a Nexus One on T-Mobile? It's the reason I want to switch anyway! That and TM is cheaper <_> If you know someone, ask them how their reception is. The N1 gets 3G in case anyone is wondering.</p>

<p>Yes, inside buildings, Verizon best, At&T second, t-mobile the worse. Concrete and steel are not your friend. However, it is southern California, and the weather is good, so it's not painful going outside to use your phone. Just think how you'd feel if you were in Minnesota in winter with this kind of reception.</p>

<p>I've had T-Mobile at UCLA for 2 years and I've been fine with it. I don't get reception in the dining halls or some of the bigger lecture halls but I'm not going to be using my phone when I'm shoveling food down my throat or in class.</p>

<p>Also, AT&T is much worse than T-Mobile on campus. If you're choosing a carrier for college, you should go with Verizon or T-Mobile if you don't want Verizon.</p>

<p>Meh, I'll live with AT&T. If I lived with ten dropped calls in a row, I'll live with this. Plus, I'll continue getting my phone bill waived then. Maybe when my contract is over I'll move back to Verizon.</p>

<p>I have T-Mobile and it works everywhere on the surface and in all of De Neve plaza except the dining hall.</p>

<p>All I know is that I have Verizon and I haven't yet encountered a place without reception all throughout campus EXCEPT for Boelter down on the 3rd floor. If you're really concerned about having reception everywhere it'd probably be a good idea to get Verizon.</p>

<p>What's Virgin like, anyone know/ They use the Sprint network apparently. No idea what that means really. I'm English. :) anyway they do a monthly $25 contract which suits me well.</p>

<p>You can never rely on the broke ass network aka, T-mobile.</p>

<p>I have t-mobile and it worked on most every floor of sproul (north side, anyway). t-mobile also worked on campus except some lecture halls like young.. I think the worse network was at&t because all my friends w/ iphones had tons of dropped calls and little service in dorms (like canyon point).</p>

<p>keep in mind that signal depends on how good your phone is too... if you have a crap phone on Tmobile compared with a good phone on TMobile, the good phone is still gonna get way better reception, even though the service itself may not be the best.</p>

<p>@Libby: Here is the national coverage of Virgin mobile...<br>
Cell</a> Phone Coverage - Check Cell Phone Coverage | Virgin Mobile</p>

<p>They are a prepaid cellular service.. I do not know anyone that has used Virgin prepaid mobile service.. What University do you go to in England?</p>

<p>Will an iPhone work in Rieber Vista plazas?</p>