t scores same-great fluctuations in sections

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<p>I'm finding that although my composite scores for SAT and ACT had been overall, the same, the sectional scores have changes greatly. This was particularly evident in my OCT ACT- my writing, reading, science dropped significantly(science being the worst-dropped 8pts!!!!) but my math raised by 6 and so did my english score. Does anyone have the same experience? What did you do to solve this problem of one previously high score dropping while another low score is raised????Please help me!</p>

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<p>My D has had some wild variations in her subject scores while maintaining a fairly consistent composite score. Her English scores fluctuated 6 points from highest to lowest; Reading score 5 points; math 4 points; science 4 points. Fortunately, on the October ACT she managed to pull all her high scores together in the same sitting and her composite jumped 2 points over her previous high. I think it makes sense to sit for the test as many times as you can, because there really appear to be significant differences in difficulty from test to test for individual students.</p>

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<p>Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only person experiencing this and the fact that your daughter's score increased is really encouraging. I just hope that my scores will increase overall for the next try. Do you know if she did practice tests and prepped for the test? I didn't do any practice so maybe with practice my scores can become more consistent?</p>