T14 starting salary

<p>Because of tampered info, What is the correct average salary of a t14 law school graduate?</p>

<p>Average? Tough to know for sure, 60-70% percent of people are getting 150Kish jobs out of the t6. A lot of the rest at the t6 is getting prestigious government jobs that pay 70k or so. And then probably around 15-20% of the t6 is getting not as well paying jobs. Those numbers drop the farther you go. Penn, Virginia, Duke, and Northwestern are around 40-50% with 150k jobs, another 10%-15% or so in those prestigious PI jobs, and around 35-40% in other jobs. Granted a few of these are self selection like jag corps or wanting to be an ADA. Berkeley has been really struggling and is probably on par with cornell at about 35-40% in 150kish jobs, another 10%-15% in those PI jobs, and around 45-50% in lower paying jobs. Georgetown is the worst at about 30-35% in 150kish jobs, another 10% in those PI jobs, and over 50% in lower paying jobs.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that these numbers will change a lot by the time you are graduating law school.</p>

<p>^ Good point</p>