Tablet vs. Mac?

<p>I'm planning on entering Rice as a freshman in the fall of 2010 and have the option of either getting a Macbook Pro or an HP tablet PC. I'd seriously like to get the Mac, but I worry that in doing so, I'm going to be missing out on the vital tablet function of the HP. There is no price difference between the two, so I'm having a tough time deciding. I was wondering if there are any current Rice students that could attest to the usefulness (or lack thereof) of the tablet function in classes? Is it worth giving up a mac in order to get a tablet? I'm planning on majoring in something like chemistry or chemical engineering. </p>

<p>Also, how is Rice's IT support for mac vs. pc? </p>

<p>Thanks! Everyone on this discussion board is so helpful!</p>

<p>I've seen two different people using tablets during class, I've seen them both use the tablet features on the computer. I don't really feel like it would be to useful except.</p>

<p>It depends on how much you rely on your notes. Having the tablet function would be useful if you want to keep all your notes with you minus the hassle of carrying a bunch of notebooks. I've only seen two people using tablets in class; everyone else gets along with pen and paper just fine.</p>