<p>what does anyone know about tabor, like what kind of school is it, because so far it's the only one im accepted at.
rejected at lawrenceville, waitlisted at groton, hotchkiss, and middlesex, and waiting for andover
so saadd im crying</p>

<p>no football there so not for me. sailing cause of the water. i was impressed by their college acceptances for 2007 which is a tough year:</p>

<p>Tabor</a> Academy</p>

<p>pretty good when you think about it.</p>

<p>Incredibly beautiful setting on Marion harbor. Very popular with strong students who live in SE Massachusetts (especially sailors).</p>

<p>I toured there with my son. We both really liked it. Beautiful setting. Not as preppy or intense as the top schools. Seemed like a lot of genuinely nice people there. Some very strong sports programs and a good size...not too big and not too small.</p>

<p>tabor is a great school, some of my best friends go there and my BFFL got in today so i am really proud of her you will love it there its gourgeous...</p>

<p>i didnt apply cuz not enough FA

<p>tabor = EXCELLENT SCHOOL! nice people, nice students, amazing academics, BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS! highly recommended.</p>

<p>D is a senior there. Went there for Jr and Sr years. Right now she in in the British Virgin Islands on the school's 92 foot schooner, and will be sailing it back to Tabor over the next 2-3 weeks.</p>

<p>From what I can tell, the kids are a mixture of those who are academic and others who are less so. It worked out well for D, who was accepted SCEA to Stanford, her first choice. She was able to stand out because she is very academic and focused. She won senior class pres and is a dorm proctor, and has done two theatrical productions. They had all the APs she needed, including multivariable calc/differential eq., which she is taking this year. She also was a finalist for the Morehead Scholarship at UNC (full ride), but didn't get it, and for a nice scholarship at USC, but withdrew her app., and is still waiting to hear from a couple other schools.</p>

<p>D liked it because of the campus and it's location, and also because the students didn't seem so stressed out like others we visited. We're from Calif, though, and I think the students here are a little less intense than those at boarding schools on the east coast.</p>

<p>nhfootballer -- what do you mean by "no football". Tabor football has been down in the last few years but they have produced some of the best prep teams in NE in year's past...</p>

<p>just kidding re football, fun is fun. yes, i know they have good ball.</p>

<p>When we visited, we didn't think too much of the place---it's a NE beach school, not "traditional" looking, so it's a contrast to places like Andover and Exeter. I was sort of on the fence about it. But talk about not judging a place on one visit!</p>

<p>'Cause then I talked to some of the kids, and saw it in the spring on a revisit with my cousin who got in....oh my god, it's a lovely place. Their marine science program is apparently amazing, the summer orientation is supposed to be ridiculously fun, and every three years you get two weeks in the Caribbean on a flippin' schooner! Their theatre and sports programs seem pretty involved, and their kids (as someone said earlier) get into awesome colleges.</p>

<p>Plus, the sense that I got from the kids was that they were not as "preppy" and uptight as at some of the other schools. They seemed to have real personalities and great senses of humor. They did seem much less stressed out, and we visited the first time close to some sort of tests (can't remember which semester). I woulda gone to Tabor absolutely if my family had the money (we couldn't afford it).</p>

<p>This is my second year at Tabor and I am very thankful that I chose it. I did not think this would be the right school for me but during the revisit day I totally changed my mind. Most impressive about the school has to be the faculty's comittment to the students' education. They are always there and wanting to help if we struggle in any subject. Second most impressive aspect is their honor code. I am loving the Tabor experience and I'm very happy with all they offer!</p>