Tactical question on UFT International Application

Is the “Activities/Employment” section only for those who have FINISHED high school? It seems that way but I want to be sure. If only for those who have finished HS, is there any place where extracurricular activities can be entered? Or UFT does not need it?

See below - cut/paste from UFT International App (US students)

List all extracurricular activities (e.g., volunteering, hobbies, sports, employment, travel, etc.), from the time you completed high school until the present, including any completed while attending a postsecondary educational institution. Start with the most recent activities.

Note: This section is required if you have finished high school. If you do not complete this section, your application assessment may be delayed.

They way it’s worded it means you complete the section ONLY if you have finished high school.

U of T doesn’t consider extracurriculars for current high school students, unless you’re applying to engineering.

Oh yikes, I completed it even though I’m still in high school.