Taft: Ready to be a big red Rhino?

<p>Anyone out there going to be a Big Red Rhino? Comments?</p>

<p>D will revisit-- any thoughts about the school? thanks..</p>

<p>I was accepted but am not going to attend. I'm deciding between Andover, Choate, and U Of Chicago Lab Schools.</p>


<p>I have two sons there now; both were admitted at the other CT boarding schools and chose Taft. It's been terrific for both of them (and in different ways). Send me a PM if you'd like more specific info!</p>

<p>what's the % boarding for Taft?
23 seconds.
7 seconds.</p>

<p>the website reports 469 boarders and 108 day students.</p>

<p>When I visited the school, I was not impress with its facilities or unfriendlyness of kids (my tour guide!!). Otherwise, I am sure Taft is a good school so I was told.</p>

<p>Hey, Mcskittle, how do you like the U Of Chicago Lab Schools? Was it difficult to get in? I was told it is one of the top prep schools in US. Good job!!</p>

<p>RTD344. U of Chi. Lab is one of the best day schools in the country. Its academics are on par with Andover and Exeter. It's average SAT score is about 680 which parallels the elite BS. Its a great school in southside Chicago. The Lab Schools is K-12. Getting in as a new 9th grader is pretty hard. I'm definetly stoked to get in but am faced with a hard decision. Lab vs. Andover.</p>

<p>I was acceped.. but I was also accepted at Andover, St. andrew's (in DE), and St. George's. I'm revisiting all of them (including Taft). My dad went to taft... a very, very long time ago and he loved it :) I'm just revisiting (i don't really have a first choice..) :)</p>

<p>itsren- When did your dad graduate? St. Andrews is a great school but small.</p>