TAG approved for UCD Fall 2013 but got a D

<p>My TAG was approved for nutritional sciences for Fall 2013. My grades just came in for my spring semester and it says that I got a D in Chemistry 1B (second semester chemistry). I will still maintain a 3.2 cumulative GPA by the time I transfer. I was wondering whether this will make my TAG invalid. If I let UCD know that I am planning to retake it in the summer, will this make any difference to the decision?</p>

<p>Your TAG will be rescinded. Sorry…</p>

<p>[UC</a> Davis TAG Counselors - TAG Criteria](<a href=“http://tag.ucdavis.edu/counselors/criteria.cfm]UC”>TAG Requirements)</p>

<p>Look under “Grade and Course Requirements”, Section 3 where it says “Students must meet or exceed the minimum overall GPA at the time their TAGs are submitted. Students cannot fall below the minimum overall GPA AND cannot receive grades below a C.”</p>

<p>@ocnative what about my general application. Will everything still be okay for that?</p>

<p>@jaspreets94 It won’t affect your general application but that can be grounds for a denial if you failed a preqreq.</p>

<p>The problem is that you are at risk for denial.<br>
TAG is a deal for you and the university. It is used to guarantee that not only will you be given a spot but that you will also guarantee that you will commit to their grade requirements. The UC’s are more difficult than the CCC’s and if you receive a D in a course at a CCC, it questions your future coursework ability at Davis. They require a lot of chem work at Davis and they have so many students that want to go to the UC’s.</p>

<p>You will still be considered for regular admission. However, you must retake the class, especially if it is part of either your major prerequisites or IGETC.</p>

<p>If I write in the additional comments box about how I’ve never received a D in college and this is the first time, will that make any difference? I was taking two sciences and calculus this semester so my course load was tough. It was hard jumbling all of these classes. If I tell them this and that I plan to redo the class, is my TAG still at jeapordy?</p>

<p>@ocnative @aunt bea @stanx89</p>

<p>@jaspreets94 I don’t think any of us on here can speak for what the college will do but tag is an agreement that you have to uphold. If I were you, I would expect my tag admission to be rescinded but you never know maybe you can explain it away. If it is a PreReq in an impacted major, it usually has to be completed before you transfer.</p>

<p>Also with that D you are surely less competitive than you were before. </p>

<p>Good Luck, you will need it, since a 3.2 is not that great of a GPA considering the competitiveness of the UC’s</p>

<p>If it were me I would expect a rejection from the college. I hope it works out in your favor.</p>

<p>Jas: I’m going to be honest: Realistically, your tough coursework has just begun: multiple science and high level math courses are the norm for beginning Davis students. It doesn’t matter that the courses you took seemed tough because your courses at Davis will be much more difficult and increasingly become more difficult. </p>

<p>If you try to explain the D by saying that you had a tough course load, that won’t fly with the adcom’s because the current Davis students schedules’ are typically only science and math prerequisites (with labs) for the GE requirements, and 14-16 units of classes minimum. This had been my daughter’s schedule for the past year and 1/2. She has struggled, but works her butt off just to get a passing grade. No one said that the UC’s were going to be a breeze.</p>

<p>Additionally, people don’t seem to plan on the labs and time that goes with all of the basic courses at Davis (Chem, Physics, Bio, Calc, etc.). Yes, you will have multiple labs. In food science, you’ll be expected to complete these classes with a passing grade.
If Davis wants a C in classes to admit you through TAG, that’s what you owe them for a space at Davis. Chem will be on your schedule for a while. Chem classes build on your previous exposure and grasp. If you have difficulty now, you will continue to struggle. You need a tutor and hope that they will still accept your TAG.</p>

<p>I agree completely with aunt bea. Trying to explain in the additional comments box [will that even be open during the update? Probably not] will do you no justice. Complaining, yes complaining, that you received a “D” in a major prerequisite will not fly with the admissions committee. I think they’ll probably scoff at it, in my opinion because aunt bea is right…you’re just going to face more challenging classes after you transfer. </p>

<p>I think you can expect for TAG to be rescinded, however, don’t lose hope. Unless you don’t make up that “D”.</p>

<p>I’m sure admissions has heard all sorts of sob stories. They’re not gonna give a flying **** that it’s your first D or that you had a tough courseload. Like everyone else is saying, things are just gonna get more difficult when you take the upper division classes when you transfer.</p>


The people that know the answer for certain work in the Davis admissions dept. Email or call them. You’re better off finding out what’s going to happen now while you have more options then if they accept you, examine your grades next summer, and then revoke your admission.

Another fine example of why I advise against students trying to “explain” a bad grade. What they think is a compelling argument seldom sounds that way to others. </p>

<p>If you look at the recommended course list Davis gives to Nutrition majors who spend all 4 years at Davis (<a href=“http://nutrition.ucdavis.edu/content/ugrad/NEW2/Fi4_NutrSci_BothOptions.pdf[/url]”>http://nutrition.ucdavis.edu/content/ugrad/NEW2/Fi4_NutrSci_BothOptions.pdf&lt;/a&gt;) you will see that they have incoming freshmen taking 2 science classes and calculus. If I was on the admissions committee at Davis I would view your “explanation” as an announcement that you don’t feel capable of doing the courseload they ask of freshman. Probably not going to work as an excuse that D…</p>

<p>You can wait to see what the adcoms at Davis say, but I think you should decide on your own you’re not ready. If you struggle with lower-division courses then you are really going to be hating life once you start the upper division classes. I’m sure you’ve made some promises to yourself, that you’ll try harder and this won’t happen again. But unless you have some concrete explanations of what went wrong and what you’ll do different, it is all just hot air. I don’t have a crystal ball so maybe I’m wrong, but when you talk about the normal courseload of a science major as “tough” then I think you’re just not prepared right now to go farther.</p>

<p>Take an extra year at your CC. Postponing your future for 1 year might seem painful now, but in the bigger scheme of things it doesn’t matter that much. Pushing ahead to Davis (assuming they let you) and flunking out of the program, now that is life changing. I assume you picked a major like Nutrition because getting that specific degree is important to you.</p>

<p>In that extra year, find out what you’re doing wrong and spend the year practicing improved skills. Most people struggle in college because they don’t have the motivation to do the work or don’t do the right things to study, not because they aren’t smart enough. Begin with study. You should be spending 6-10 hours on your own each week on each of those math & science classes, doing the homework and practice problems. Extra problems, thats right! There are books like “Calculus Problem Solver” for math/science classes that have thousands of worked problems you can use to practice until you can do them easily; then the test will take care of itself. </p>

<p>The good news is you can spend as long as you want at a CC (if all your units are from a CC) and still be eligible to transfer. If I was in your shoes I’d spend the extra year, building your prep for Davis by learning to study better. And even taking some classes for fun or interest. When you transfer the GPA slate is wiped clean and you can begin as a much better student than you’ll be this fall.</p>