Tag uci

<p>I'm applying to TAG UCI for business econ and on this specific site: Transfer</a> Admission, Selection and Preparation it says
(TAG Applicants: any two courses required for the major need to be completed with required grades by the summer prior to the TAG submission period)</p>

<p>Does anyone know if this is from the courses that are on that specific site or any of the requirements on ASSIST? Also, would they be very specific on those requirements given on that site, for instance if I'm missing one would that be detrimental? Thank you</p>

<p>It needs to be from the courses on that specific site, yes. They will be very specific on the requirements; if you are missing one, you will not be eligible for the TAG program. (You will of course still be able to apply as a regular transfer applicant, but there will be no guarantee of acceptance.)</p>

<p>Can another person please confirm this? I asked this same question in another thread I made not long ago, and a person answered that any courses from the major on ASSIST would count. It's worrying.</p>

<p>amarkov is right... I emailed a UCI advisor asking and got this reply:</p>



<p>Thank you for your interest in UCI! You must meet ALL requirements by Spring 2013 if you are apply for Fall 2013. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.</p>

<p>We hope this information is helpful and please let us know if you have any further questions.</p>

<p>Best Regards,</p>

<p>Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools
University of California, Irvine


<p>Descartes I believe it is talking about the major courses on ASSIST.</p>

<p>So we only need to complete at least 2 from assist.org?</p>

<p>Troy I think you would be better off emailing UCI's advisor directly to be 100% sure.</p>