<p>i recently had a tag approved with ucsd for fall 09 and I am under the impression that as long as i keep a 3.0 i'm in for sure, but then I dont' see why more people don't sign up for tags... has anyone had an experience where they were not accepted after getting their tag approved? obviously not for if you didn't meet the requirements outlined when you signed up for it.</p>

<p>if you sign a tag, are you stuck going there?</p>

<p>sstory- good question, are people just idiots?</p>

<p>mattn- no</p>

<p>my community college does not offer tags, taps, or anything of that sort. meh, too bad. but im guessing people do not join tags because honors courses might be too challenging and lower their gpa further more.</p>

<p>What college do you go to? You don't have to take honor classes for TAG. Last year and the years before, UCSD had really difficult requirement for their TAG. Starting this year, they are standardizing to have the same requirements as the other UCs. People just don't know about the TAG program. It's a shame because the requirements are ridiculously easy.</p>

<p>at my college (SMC) you have to be in scholars program in order to have TAG/TAP. i actually qualified for it but i was shooting for USC that i had no idea that i a-qualified for scholar's before the max amount of credits they'll take and b-that i was going to stay an extra year because i changed my major and in the process met IGETC. i know of other schools that require an honors/scholars in order for paperwork for TAGs/TAPs.</p>

<p>I didn't do TAG because I had not done the math requirement (minimum UC eligibility) and didn't have the minimum # of credits to sign it.</p>

<p>I tried to do the TAG with UCI, but I wasn't eligible because I have some credits from a university in another country. If it wasn't for those credits, I would have been approved for TAG in UCI. That's what the counselor said. Oh well...</p>

<p>I am one class away from being able to sign TAG with UCSD (Physics 7). I took everything else, planning on going to UCSD and then realizing that I had different dreams.</p>

<p>At my CCC, you need a 2.8 GPA (minimum) and all you need to do is finish the courses. You don't need to be in honors or anything. The reason most people don't do it is because the science/math part that scares them off. Either Bio 6 & 7 or Calc 1, 2, 3 or Physics 6 & 7. I took physics 6 and decided against 7, since I didn't think I really need the TAG anyway.</p>

<p>Most people in my school know about it, they're either too lazy, too stupid to do it or are too scared to actually try and have the possibility of failing regardless of effort. That's a scary thought to a lot of students at my CCC. That's why people often stay for 3 years and/or transfer to CSUN...</p>