Take a Chance! SCEA! Or Not?

Help with chances please - it'll only take a minute.</p>

<p>Academics: Rank 1/800
4.00 unweighted, 4. something weighted ( i'm not sure, but ranks in my school are by weighted GPA)
PSAT 236 so probably national merit semi
ACT 35
SAT 2330 (should i retake?)
SAT II 800 USH 800 Math 780 Bio</p>

1. Congressional Debate – 6th place Senator in National Forensic League’s National Speech and Debate Tournament (how much will this "national award" help); 3 time National Qualifier; 5th place in State Tournament; 2nd place in district tournament
2. Mock Trial – 3 year Captain; Individual best attorney awards: 2nd place in state tournament, 1st place in region; Team placement: 6th place in state, 1st in region
3. Science Research –5th place at regional science fair; Qualified for and competed in state science fair; Best Chemistry/Biochemistry project award; Alternate to Intel International Science Fair;
4. Science Academic Super Bowl – 2 year Captain; State Champion
5. Quiz Bowl – 2 year captain; National All-Star (high scoring individual, 28th place) at National Championship Tournament; Competed at national tournament 3 years, finished in top 1/3rd of teams 2 years; 2nd place in state (2 years)
6. Girls State – Elected Governor of Indiana for 598 citizens (How recognized is girls state?)
7. Piano – Top Talent Circle Rating and National Winner in National Piano Guild Auditions (2 years); Attended Goshen College Piano Workshop<br>
8. Legal Intern – Worked as clerk at St. Joseph County Circuit Court
9. Community Service – Key Club Secretary; National Honor Society Member; 125 hours; Organized school book drive; Homeless shelter
10. Junior State of America Summer School at Yale– Awarded best speaker in Convention on the role of the student in society
11. Knowledge Masters Competition – Captain; State champion in Fall Tournament; 2nd place in state in Spring Tournament
12. Cross Country – Junior Varsity
13. United States Senate Youth program state finalist</p>

<p>That was really long, sorry
Any replies or answers to the built in questions highly appreciated. Thank you.</p>

<p>Oh forgot to say
I live in Indiana. Not India. Indiana!
And I'm Asian
And a girl
Probably high income bracket</p>

<p>Essays will be about learning from loss in debate and how I love stanford's earth systems undergrad program</p>

<p>Of course you should retake the SAT, your score is incredibly low.</p>

<p>I dont understand why people post these chance me threads. Nobody knows whether or not you're going to get in. Your stats match the profile of admitted students at Stanford, but nobody can predict whether or not you'll get in. You want a percentage? You have a 0 to 99% chance of getting in.</p>

<p>you have a good a chance as any
it's all up to your essays and recommendations now</p>

<p>most admissions officers at almost any top university know what girls state is</p>

<p>you do not need to retake your SATs but what is the breakdown? you can retake if you want but it will not make more than a slight difference (unless all the points are in one subject?)</p>

<p>You probably have a better chance of getting in than I do, and I'm fairly confidently applying SCEA, so go ahead. I'll be honest: Your stats are so good that I'm even thinking that you're lying >< Take that as a compliment if you are in fact being honest.</p>

<p>OP, what would you do if not Stanford SCEA?</p>

<p>if Stanford is your first choice, definitely apply SCEA. You are the type of applicant that SCEA is built for admitting</p>

<p>^ agree; you will be missing out if you don't apply SCEA ...</p>

<p>Thank you so much, everyone! This was helpful!</p>

<p>You are definitely one of the stronger candidates applying to Stanford and other top-tier colleges. That said, there are many, many Asian students in your shoes (Stanford SCEA especially), and Stanford is quite unpredictable in their selection process. I've seen "less qualified" Asian candidates get accepted over "more qualified" ones, and I strongly suspect the reason is the quality of the essays. Ask yourself "Why Stanford", and then start writing your essays with plenty of time to spare.</p>

<p>Good luck to you in your college search!</p>