Take AP Calculus Pass/No Pass

<p>I currently have a 66% in AP Calculus. There’s 2 days of school left.
My teacher asked me if she should just mark me as a Pass. How badly does a Pass look for 2nd semester? Will I be rescinded? I’m asking her if I can retake a test I did poorly on. Is it worth staying an extra week in her class to make it up? If I do well on the makeup test, I will get a C-. But its not guaranteed. Or should I just take a Pass?</p>



<p>That’s what my conditions of admission says; I’m assuming yours says the same.</p>

<p>Don’t do pass it will be worse than a D.
You need to contact the school ASAP.
If they see the D without you telling them in advance it will probably be worse.
If you contact them early then you and the school can probably find an alternative to make sure you keep your admission or maybe they’ll still let you in even with a D.
You should also contact them saying you are given the option to take a pass instead of a D and which one would be more beneficial to you.
Best of Luck</p>