Take LSAT during gap year before uni?

I’m on a gap year (thanks corona) before going to uni, took an old LSAT for the first time (June 2007), and got a 166 - I’ve always been pretty good at standardized testing. I’m deciding whether I should prep for and take the LSAT during my gap year - I have a lot of free time and could fit 20-25 hours a week for 4-5 months of prep. Also, I’m in a 3 year course for uni so I’d be applying to law school in winter of 2024 (three year gap if I took the LSAT in winter 2021). If I can get my score up to 175+ consistently, is this worth doing? In other words, would top law schools not value the score as highly because I took it before uni? I figured it just might be easier for me to take it now because I know I’ll be pretty busy during the year and during breaks once I’m a full time student. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

A 17x is a 17x. Law schools won’t care about the date as long as it is no longer than 5 years old. (LSAT rule)

If you have the time, go for it.

That said, I have long recommended a gap year after graduation for two reasons: 1) time to prep for LSAT (which in your case, you may not need), and 2) the senior year spring grades which are hopefully all A’s (to boost your GPA). #2 is something to consider.

fwiw: Law schools do give a slight preference to work experience, but give no bonus points for graduating in 3 years. It’s almost all about GPA + LSAT.

Thanks for your advice! Btw, I’m not trying to fast track or anything - my college course is 3 years long (going to uni in the UK!)

got it.

btw: unless you are a US citizen attending college in the UK, obtaining a legal job in the US will be difficult.

Thanks! I’m an American going abroad for uni, hoping to come back after undergrad :slight_smile: