Take old SAT again


<p>My daughter is a junior and just got her grades from the old SAT. 710M 600V. She wants to take it again, but I don't think that it would benefit her. I think that she should wait and take the new SAT in March. </p>

<p>Please give your opinions.

<p>It depends on the schools she will apply to. Many schools will only take the new SAT for the class of 2006, while other schools will take either the new or the old. My thought is to wait for the new test; one old should be enough. If she wants to retake the current SAT and then takes the new, she will most likely want to take the new again. That means taking the SAT four times; too many in my book.</p>

<p>If it was my kid, I wait and take the new one, where she'll almost be through another year of school. In general, for most kids, my dd's GC said scores will rise about 100 points from year to year, so she'll have a natural advantage as well as the advantage to go through some prep books and work on timing. This 100 point thing was really accurate in my dd's case: she got an 1170 in 8th grade and a 1490 in 11th grade, so it was almost exactly right on!</p>