Take SAT or SAT II in December?

<p>My friend just took the SAT I test yesterday. The score will come out on 11/22 whereas the registration deadline for december SAT is 11/8. He's now struggling whether taking SAT I or SAT II on December. He said he will probably get a score between 1900 - 2200 (He's really bad at CR, but mostly will get like 2000-2050). He asked me what he should do and I don't know how to answer him... He wants to retake chem and physics test(730,720), and he hopes to get into CMU-CIT. Any advise??</p>

<p>BTW he said it seems to be hard for him to pull up CR since he just came to America for 6 months, but math 800 and writing 700~790</p>

<p>CMU CIT requires two SAT subject tests for admission, a math and either physics or chemistry. If he does not have those yet, he has to take them to even be considered for admission. If as you mention he already has a 720 or 730 in those then perhaps he shoud take the SAT again if he feels he needs to. You should also note that CMU accepts January tests. So he actually has two more chances.</p>

<p>Really? It accepts the score of January SAT? How about December ACT? BTW... may I know where you saw the information? Thank you!</p>

<p>A correction now that I have contacted CMU; they want required testing done by the December test dates; the December ACT is fine but recommend naming the college as one your free sends in the application (that is fastest method of delivery). Once your application is complete such as by completing any testing by December, you can send Jan tests to supplement your file and if they arrive before a decision has been made on you they will be considered.</p>

<p>Why does different person gives different answer... The person I contacted on email said, "If you decide to take any standardized test during or after January, you will need to request a “rush report” on your scores so that Carnegie Mellon will receive them as quickly as possible. There is no guarantee that the admission committee will review your admission folder if these scores arrive late." Now I'm really confused...</p>

<p>Not sure you are getting a different answer. Jan will be considered only if it arrives before as decision has been made on you.</p>