Take the SAT a 4th time?

<p>I have already taken the SAT 3 times (one as a sophmore)...but I was wondering how it would look to take it a 4th time. How would colleges such as Harvard or Princeton view this?</p>

<p>They might view it as obsessed with test scores. The Chuck Hughes book says more than three times on the SAT doesn't look appealing to Harvard, and he used to work for Harvard. What else are you doing with your time?</p>

<p>most books i have read (as well as the collegeboard site) reccommend you not to take the SAT for the fourth time.
Even though you first attempt will be canceled out, you unis will still know how many time you took it.
My carrers advisor also stongly suggested not to take it for the 4th time.</p>

<p>so 3 times is okay? or would they prefer 2?</p>

<p>3 max, I would say</p>

<p>Yea Im taking the SAT for teh 4th time in december!Didnt do to well..mybro took it 4 times and got into Stanford, Princeton, Columbia,...etc!</p>

<p>I think peope overrate the negative effects of taking it more than three times. Like tamy02 said, you can still get into the top schools even if you do seem "obsessed" about your scores. Let's face it, probably most of the people here fall into that category but manage to improve their score before the 4th time...</p>

<p>a jump of 100 points would make any retake worth it.</p>

<p>what did you get the 3rd time?</p>

<p>I must have bad study habits or something. I'm basically going to stop and only prep for the SATs. I'm a math whiz, there should be no reason I'm stuck at such a low (660m) score. I'm taking it again in either Dec. or Jan. Not sure yet.</p>

<p>Still, I mean I really didn't have to take it Sophmore year I suppose, since that time I didn't prep at all. I suppose if I hadn't taken the SAT's Sophmore year, then I would sitll have the option of taking it again in December, since I would have only taken the SAT's 2 times.</p>

<p>I have a quick question about this- I took my SAT I as a sophomore because of my mom's bad judgement of pushing me forward. I then proceeded to take it 2 more times in my junior year and then took it once more as a senior (for a 90 point increase on my last try). Would it look bad taking it four times, or would they dismiss it since I was a sophmore?</p>

<p>no ichiboy. i think they would dismiss it</p>