Take Two - Chances Thread *puppy dog eyes* :D

<p>Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Asian - Half Chinese, Half Pakistani
Location: Austin, TX
Grade: 11
Rank: 13/588
ACT: 32 (E:34, M:29, S:30, CR: 33, E:7) Planning to retake in April
GPA: 5.21
unweighted: 4.00</p>


<p>Freshman - English (H), Algebra II (H), Earth Science (H), Drama 1, Health/P.e., Spanish 1, Spanish 2, World History (H)</p>

<p>Sophomore - English Pre-AP, Geometry Pre-AP, Geography Pre-AP, Oral Interp 1, Theatre Arts II, P.E., Spanish III Pre-AP, Biology Pre-AP</p>

<p>Junior - AP English Language, AP Spanish Language, AP US History, Pre-AP Chemistry, Pre-AP Pre-Calc, Oral Interp II, Medical Terminology, Medical Microbiology, BCIS I (graduation requirement - yuck)</p>

<p>Senior - (plan to take) AP English Lit, AP Bio, AP Econ., AP Govern., AP Calculus AB (school only offers AB), Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Oral Interp III, (one more class I can't remember for some odd reason =_=")</p>


<li>Spanish National Honour Society</li>
<li>Forensics team (around 400 hours dedicated)</li>
<li>Mu Alpha Theta</li>
<li>Film Club</li>


<li>Played the piano for about 12 years. </li>
<li>Associated Board of the Royal School of Music - Grade 5 in Musical Theory, Grade 6 in Practical.</li>
<li>District Champion for poetry interpretation in Virginia (05/06 season) and Texas (06/07) season.</li>
<li>Virginia Theatre Association All Star Cast - 9th Grade.</li>
<li>Female Understudy, VJ and Publicity Manager for Spring Play</li>
<li>Area HOSA Competition. - first time school's had a HOSA BOWL team ever</li>
<li>National Forensics League Honour Member</li>
<li>Officer on the forensics team.</li>
<li>Running for office (VPs for Speech and Debate team, SNHS and HOSA)</li>
<li>Alpha Award</li>
<li>Moved from Malaysia in 2005 to the States - Virginia, and then moved a year later to Texas (I was number 1 in Virginia, but the transcript got messed up in Texas resulting in the much lower rank)</li>
<li>Trilingual --English, Malay and Cantonese (though I do speak a bit of Mandarin and Spanish now)</li>
<li>First Generation</li>
<li>Heading on a Women's Development Trip in the mountains of Pakistan this summer.</li>
<li>Won and placed at numerous academic meets throughout the year.</li>

<p>Any advice would be tremendous :)
I hear Rice has got a solid brain and cognitive sciences program and I just went for a campus visit last week so my interest in Rice is definitely increasing</p>

<p>Peace :D</p>

<p>I'm not sure what kind of advice you want, but you look like a strong candidate. :)</p>

<p>Thank you so much. </p>

<p>I guess it was the whole over-achiever uber competitive status of CC that had cast a dark cloud over my aspirations to some decent schools. I felt that my stats weren't necessarily good enough and wanted some feedback on how I could possibly improve my chances before taking my SAT subjects and retaking the ACT.</p>


<p>what is a pre-ap class? It's just honors right?</p>

<p>Essentially, but it appears as two separate things on the transcript. Weird stuff o.O</p>

<p>hmm. Sorry to be nosy, I just have never heard of calling it "pre-ap" Do you take the tests?</p>

<p>Nope, but we have the a pretty rigorous course load that's meant to prepare us for the AP real deal :)</p>

<p>No biggie, I'm the same way. ha ha</p>

<p>I took Pre-Ap Physics last year and according to the teacher we covered 2/3 of the amount of material covered in AP.
Our tests were made up of AP questions even.
So for me it was virtually the same class just with a slower pace.
It sucks that class wasn't weighted because I thought it was every bit as hard as an AP.</p>

<p>It's definitely tough.</p>

<p>Aw, I'm sorry dude - we get 10 points added to ours so our APs are weighted equally (except with a less painful final exam)</p>

<p>Pre-AP at my school is half the weight of AP (1.05 versus 1.1), and are the equivalent of "honors" - more homework and faster pace than regular classes. Pre-Calculus, for example, is considered Pre-AP at my school since there is no PreCal AP exam, but the class still moves fast and covers a lot of stuff.</p>