Taking 101 Classes

<p>Hope i'm not crazy for asking this.. but..</p>

<p>Do Grad schools look down at 101 classes?</p>

<p>I am an IE undergrad looking to go to grad school after
One of the requirements of my major is to take a biology elective.
Currently enrolled in 2, but will drop one. last drop date is in 2 days
bio elective 1 = animal biology (101)
bio elective 2 = intro to bio (153)</p>

<p>both are introductory classes, but i heard 101 is easier.
Since, neither are really related to my major (nor future career aspirations), I was planning on taking 101. However, I am wondering if grad schools will think that by taking a 101 class, that I am not challenging myself enough; however I am taking 5 other classes in addition</p>

<p>any advice will be appreciated!</p>


<p>Don’t worry about this. Many colleges and universities label their introductory courses 101. You will be just fine.</p>

<p>My bigger concern is that you are taking 6 courses your first semester. Is that 18 credit hours? If so, you may be pushing the limits of your time management skills. Sit down today, and figure out how you are going to fit in all of the projects, homework assignments, lab reports, research papers, exams, etc. Don’t blow your chances at a decent GPA by overloading your course schedule just yet.</p>

<p>it would be 16 credits. 5-3 credit and 1-1 credit</p>

<p>also, im a 3rd year. taking my courses a little out of order :p</p>

<p>Lots of people take intro. level courses in their 3rd or 4th year. Don’t worry about this one.</p>

<p>thanks for the input happymomof1</p>

<p>must decide by midnight </p>

<p>any other feedback will be much appreciated!</p>