taking 18 units = stupid??

<p>it's 2nd quarter freshman year. taking 18 units = stupid?</p>

<p>my bro didn't do well 1st quarter with 14 units, and now he wants to take 18 units. Would you do the same? I think it's stupid, and told him to drop it down to 15-16 units.
He said that the peer advisor told him 18 was doable, but of course, didn't tell him if it was practical.</p>

<p>wow. I guess it could be doable... 18 units is kind of on the high side? what are the classes he's taking?</p>

<p>In my opinion, 18 units can mean one of two choices: your brother is taking 4 classes (4/4/5/5 units), which is potentially manageable depending on the difficulty of the courses... or it can mean he's taking 4.5 classes (4/4/4/4/2 units), which is madness, since it suggests he's a South Campus major taking a 2-unit lower-division lab course on the side of a full courseload -- something like Physics 4AL/4BL or an EE/CS lab, which are just as difficult as 4-unit courses. It all depends on what those courses actually are... :rolleyes:</p>

<p>he said it was 4 classes.
some astro class and atmospheric class, math, and a 4th one that i don't know.
he got killed in econ 1 last quarter. He slept through that class, since it was at 8am. freshman can be so foolish</p>

<p>it really depends on which classes he takes. astro and atmosci don't sound too hard if they're GE's, although if he's science-phobic, then that can be a moderate challenge. </p>

<p>18 units is on the high side but still do-able. my friend told me she takes 20 or 21 units per quarter and i'm like WHAT?! how's that possible?! then i started taking 20 units and i found that it's manageable. so yeah, it's really up to him, and also depends on which classes he takes, cuz the difficulty of the additional unit is relative to you, the course you choose, and how interesting the course is.</p>

<p>my friend is taking 19 next quarter. though, she's a north campus major.</p>

<p>^As a North Campus major, I think 19 would be possible. However it is the reading that could become the problem.</p>

<p>In my freshman year here, I met a Computer Science major who said he was going to take 18 units in Winter Quarter. I never saw him again... :rolleyes:</p>

<p>I'm a 2nd quarter freshman and I'll be taking 20 units this quarter. yeah as everyone's been saying, it really depends on what classes you're taking. However, having no experience with it, I really don't have anything else to say about it LoL. So we'll see!!!</p>

<p>If I'm dying I'll let all you know! </p>

<p>btw my classes are:
GE CLST 23B: Inside Performing Arts
Korean 2A: Korean for Heritage Speakers
Poli Sci 40: Intro to American Politics
English Comp 3: English Composition, Rhetoric, and Language</p>

<li>I'm predicting a LOT of writing...eek!</li>

<p>I got up to 22 at a Community College, and I thought that was insane... I could not even imagin getting near that amount at UCLA.</p>

<p>kevMD, since your brother took econ 1 last quarter, I take it he's a north campus major. Now i'm not certain about the specific astro and atmos class he's taking, but I'm betting they're to fulfill the science requirements so in his instance, those 18 units are very doable since those two classes are considered gpa boosters for the south campus majors, as well as most north campus guys (as in not science intensive and requiring minimal work- some have group quizes, open note/book exams, etc).</p>

<p>hey i'm taking the performing arts cluster too. i hate it. haha.</p>

<p>really? I love it. who's ur TA? Mine's Rose. (the opera singer hehe)</p>

<p>I usually pull about 17-19 units a quarter at least two out of three quarters a year, and its not all that bad. My gpa doesn't suffer from taking more classes - mostly because I don't study until the day before tests anyway, so what's another class that I never study for? ;)
But like others have been saying, it depends on the classes. You need to find what works for you.</p>

<p>eek. ur going to get killed pixiedanzer. unless you really like studying...i dont know, comp 3 is definitly not a joke, and ive heard clusters are just..hard. be careful!</p>

<p>yeah im taking 20 too. booyakasha</p>

<p>North Campus? :rolleyes:</p>

<p>what does it matter</p>

<p>20 in north campus is do-able. 20 in south campus is suicide.</p>