Taking 5 APs for senior year?

<p>Should I take 5 APs for my senior year? The AP courses are:
AP Physics C
AP Chemistry
AP Literature
AP Gov/ AP Macroecon
AP Spanish
This is a very difficult schedule to handle, and I am afraid that I may not be able to handle it. I am a junior who is taking 4 AP classes: AP US History, AP Psychology, AP Physics B, and AP Language
I am doing well in all classes so far, but AP Chemistry and AP Physics C are both the hardest science classes a student can take at my school. I want to do something in health (pre-med), or maybe engineering (biomedical engineer), so I am going to keep AP Chemistry, but should I switch AP Physics C with AP Biology (another hard science course but easier)? I do not want to kill my social life for senior year :/ but this will look good for colleges right? Help?</p>

<p>Oh and I am planning to stack my schedule with AP classes because I slacked off in my freshmen and sophomore years. I am definitely improving in grades and schedule difficulty every year, so I guess that might help with college admissions :)</p>



<p>I don’t think people normally take both physics B and C, do they? You should check with your counselor about that. Only you know what you can handle. Plenty of top students do take 5 APs. You know how hard this year is and that schedule looks slightly harder to me. Consider how much time you will spend on college applications. It can be quite timeconsuming if you need to write a lot of essays or do other application-related things.</p>

<p>If you’re thinking of engineering, AP Physics C would probably be beneficial…</p>