Taking 6 classes

I’m taking 6 classes Starting for the fall semester. They consist of comp.ethnic studies(lecture),English composition 101(lecture),FYE(freshman year experience) ,basic mathematics (lecture), intro to philosophy (lecture) and intro to psych (lecture) did I overwhelm myself? What’s your thoughts on that?

That’s WAY too much. Baruch admits excellent students who can’t wait to challenge themselves and make the same mistake of overscheduling their first semester, this digging themselves into a home they’ll have to spend the rest of their college years digging themselves out of.

Why are you in Basic Math - is that where your placement test placed you?

Look at the number of credits for each class to have an idea of how much work they’ll be. (If 3 credits, expect 6 to 7 hours of homework. If 4 credits, expect 8 to 10 hours of homework…)
Keep FYE, English, and Math because they’re pre-requisites for lots of other classes. Add two more classes. That’s it and it’ll already be tough.

How many credit hours is that? All of the classes sound introductory. does not mean they are easy but does mean they are freshman level classes with no pre-requisites. Also, no science classes in there which tend to be more conceptually difficult. Anyway, if each is a 3 credit class and FYE is 1 credit then you would have 16 credits which seems manageable.

Even at the 7 hours of homework per 3 credit class you would have 53 hours of time accounted for in a 7 day week. That is not even 8 hours a day. Assume you took class and studied from 9-7 M-F with an hour for lunch then you would have 45 hours in leaving 8 hours of studying on weekends. Certainly manageable if you are not working. Plus you would have plenty of buffer to study extra for tests. Of course, it depends on how hard you want to work.

I think it is a useful exercise to map out your anticipated week hour by hour to see what you are really willing to do.

^ that’s not a very realistic way to think of it. I’m guessing you don’t have a kid attending a neighborhood high school in NYC nor do you understand the demands on CUNY Baruch students. Virtually all work and have 2+ hours commute. Kids who pace into Basic Math despite the Math Regents preparation are often recommended to take a maximum of 12 credits their first semester due to their high school’s lack of performance.
This is a bit in disarray due to Excelsior requiring 15 credits but these should be chosen carefully.
@LizRosado712 : will you be taking MATH 1030 or math 2003/2020/2040/2060?
If math 1030, you could take the FYE+ 3 Other classes. If math 2003/2020/etc, then that+ FYS+3 classes would be the maximum you should take first semester. If you receive Excelsior you need 15 credits so don’t go overboard.
If it goes well, you can take one class winter session and 16+ credits in the spring.
But first semester is always a shock and a transition.