taking a couple days off work

<p>i'm starting a new job and will need to take 2 days off for an awards ceremony for school. This will be about a month and a half into my job so i was wondering if this is ok and if so, when would be a good time to ask my employer?</p>

<p>Usually this is fine, but you should tell them/ask as soon as possible. Some companies have a policy that prohibits time off within the first X days of employment, but most are okay with it provided you do not exceed your allowable vacation time and that it does not conflict with something important in your job (like a customer presentation or field test). Email your boss, tell them when you need to be gone and why, and ask them if this is acceptable. Also think about what you will do if they DO say no.</p>

<p>i'd feel a bit wierd about asking them before i start work...it is related to my grad studies and they did say its possible to work out something where i can do school + work.</p>

<p>Ask them. The later the request comes, the more likely they will get ****ed and/or say no. There is nothing shameful here, I do not see a problem. I have known several people who have gone in saying "I need these days off in my first X months." No biggie.</p>

<p>My husband and I were hired (right out of grad school) by the same engineering firm. My husband's brother got married about a month later. We told the company ahead of time that we'd made plans to go out-of-state to the wedding and there was no problem. I agree with the others - tell them right away.</p>