Taking a credit/no credit class on top of a full load?

<p>I know many professional/grad schools look down on taking c/nc (aka pass/fail) courses, but would it be okay if I took one (5 credits) on of top a full load (16 credits). The class would be review and a way to keep my language profiency up. It is not a requirement for my major.</p>


<p>I think that is a great idea. My D is doing the same thing. Don't worry about grad schools. If considered at all, the extra course would be considered as a positive.</p>

<p>Have you considered simply auditing the course?</p>

<p>I took an extra course pass/fail every year I was in college. I often audited courses on top of that as well. (Mostly art history lectures where I was really not interested in writing the papers or memorizing the material.) Some of my pass/fail courses were independent studies I had to take that way, but others I did because they were graduate seminars in fields I had little official background in. (e.g. Chinese Landscape Painting of the Sung Dynasty - which BTW was by far and away the best course I took as an undergrad.)</p>

<p>It certainly didn't hurt my grad school admissions and it was easier on me knowing I could let one course slide a bit if I needed to.</p>

<p>I too audited a number of deep elective courses merely because they piqued my curiosity when browsing through the course catalogue. This in combination with my interesting selection of "for credit" electives probably enhanced my transcript for grad school admissions.</p>