Taking a foreign language

<p>I'm a freshman and I'll be applying to Haas in the future. I've already completed my foreign language requirements, but I'm really interested in Japanese and I want to take at least 2 years of it. Will I be wasting my time by doing this or will I have time to finish everything for graduation?</p>

<p>My backup major is econ, and I'm considering doing a double major with both (econ and business) if I get into Haas.</p>

<p>I know this is getting annoying, but I really need answers.</p>

<p>So....I'm bumping this</p>

<p>Totally manageable, you just need the enthusiasm to learn your Japanese. Just be aware that Econ is a capped major so I wouldn't consider it as a guaranteed backup for your Haas.</p>

<p>since when is learning a new language a waste of time?</p>

<p>in my opinion, it's a great investment of your time. learning a new language opens so many new doors. (you can speak to so many more people, read so many more original books!) and it's a whole other world, learning a new language. NOT a waste of time. </p>

<p>if you're really interested. i think you should.</p>