Taking a semester off before transferring...

<p>Is this frowned upon? Will COLA still accept me? Will McCombs?</p>

<p>I ask because I'm about to finish 61 hours at my CC, so anything after that will be wasted time/money since I need to complete 60 hours at UT anyway...</p>

<p>Or, if it is frowned upon, what if I just took one class all semester?</p>

<p>Strongly suggest you call UT Admissions to discuss and get advice. </p>

<p>I doubt it matters to COLA, but timing and completion of prerequisites matters a lot to McCombs. Have you reviewed their transfer admission info here? Getting</a> Admitted | McCombs School of Business | The University of Texas at Austin</p>

<p>Gap years/semesters are popular, and colleges comment that students are generally more focused on return. I think the only type of break that would be frowned on is one where you did absolutely nothing. Even if you're taking a break precisely to decompress, you will need to do something with your time other than just veg! You are in the good position of not needed to ask permission/explain in advance. But you will need to address the gap in your transfer app...that's where advice and tips from Admissions comes in.</p>

<p>Good luck, hope you can do it! One of my kids gapped before starting college, and it was a transformative experience!</p>

<p>Thanks. I called them and got told pretty much what you said... I just have to explain the gap to them. It seems my situation would be understandable and not racking up any more hours would help me stay competitive.</p>