Taking all Intro Classes?

<p>Well I'm going to be in my second semester at college, and I'd say that my first semester wasn't as strong as I'd hoped it would be. (I'll probably going to end up with mostly B's in my 4 classes). It took a while for me to adjust, but I know next semester will be better. Even though I have somewhat of an idea of what I want to major in (Urban Studies/Information Science), I'm not 100% certain, so my advisor suggested that I just take the rest of the year to get my gen eds out of the way, which usually means taking intro classes. Next semester i'm planning on taking</p>

<p>Intro to Urban Studies
Into to World Music
Intro to Information Systems
Geology and Natural Disasters
Intro to Psychology</p>

<p>While this courseload is definitely doable (15 credits), my roommate said that taking all intro classes is stupid. Is that really true? I'm just doing as a way of looking at my options while at the same time recovering my gpa. The way I see it, freshman year is a time for experimenting, so what better way to do it than through intro classes? Is that a bad thing?</p>

<p>You have to start somewhere. That somewhere is intro classes. I only took intro classes and their trailer class (Bio 1, Bio 2, Gen Chem 1 & 2, etc) my freshman year. Most people I know had mostly intro classes their freshman year.</p>

<p>You're a freshman. It's fine. It's fine even if you aren't a freshman. You may as well get your gen eds out of the way anyways, and it's always good to take some classes to just see if you'd be interested in continuing with them.</p>

<p>How is that stupid? A lot of freshmen take mostly or all intro classes... it's good that you're exploring various fields to find what you're really interested in. However, keep in mind that just because a class is intro level does not necessarily mean it is easy; in some subjects, the intro level classes are harder than the upper level courses, because in those areas, the intros are supposed to weed people out.</p>

<p>If those classes all will fulfill some sort of university requirement, then it looks like a good schedule to me. You have two classes that relate to the areas you mention being interested in for a major and the others will over your gen eds.</p>

<p>One thing you should start thinking about soon is what you will do for the summer - perhaps something related to your potential major?</p>