taking amtrak station returning from SPOP

<p>how far away is the train station from UCI?
is there a shuttle?
and when does SPOP end?</p>

<p>tustin train station is about 15 minutes away. no clue about the other two, sorry!</p>

<p>The closest Amtrak station is probably the one in Santa Ana. It is easily accessible by a 45 minute bus ride (the 59 line) on weekdays only. It's close to 8 miles, so it's not ideal to walk it.
If traveling on weekends, the best option would be walking to the 57 bus stop from UCI, which is 30 minutes away from Mesa Court. From there, a 1 hour bus ride takes you to Anaheim, and you would take Amtrak from there.
While Tustin is the closest train station, Amtrak does not stop there so unless you plan on taking Metrolink, you'll need to go to Santa Ana Transportation Center. I found it much more convenient than Irvine station since that requires a bus transfer as well.</p>

<p>On day 2 of spop you can pretty much leave whenever you want. If you stay for all of it however I think its around 5:30.</p>