Taking AP Bio before taking Honors Chem

<p>I'm going into my sophomore year, and I'm wondering if I should take AP Bio or save it for Junior year and take Honors Chem and another elective instead. I'll also be taking AP World History and AP English Language and Composition next year. I've never taken an AP class before. If I don't take AP Bio this year, I probably won't be able to take Physics in high school (since AP Bio would take up junior year and then I'd like to take AP Chem in senior year). How important is Physics for getting into a university like UF or U of Miami, and receiving scholarships? I'm also worried because the introductory chemistry component of AP Bio seems to have been removed for this year; we won't spend any time going over it in class. What should I do?</p>

<p>So many APs, I wish you luck. If you want to take AP Bio this year then start learning about the chemistry component that they skipped in AP Bio ASAP (try youtubing crashcourse [a great resource for learning]). Junior year is going to be crazy with beginning the process of researching colleges and taking ACTs/SATs, so maybe try to take the AP classes that you are going to take in junior year, this year instead to lighten you course load or maybe take some of those AP classes in senior year. And I think that physics is a requirement in all high schools, or at least the ones in NY, so maybe try to get that out of the way to make sure that the requirement is fulfilled so that you can graduate.</p>

<p>I think I’m leaning towards chem this year…we don’t need physics to graduate here in Florida (I need one advanced science course and either physics or chem). How difficult is the chemistry needed to survive in AP Bio? I was more worried about a lack of Physics affecting my chances of getting into the schools I want.</p>

<p>Maybe the lack of physics might hurt your chances of majoring in something you want. Check the requirements of you major at the school like do you need physics in order to get the major you want. If you plan on taking a STEM major then not taking physics might hurt your chances of getting into the major but then again it depend on what STEM major.</p>

<p>The most selective colleges will suggest one year each of bio, chem, and physics. OF and UM just suggest 3 years of science, so for those schools, a lack of physics will not matter.</p>

<p>AP Bio without chem is possible, but it would not be my recommendation.</p>

<p>Would it be worthwhile to take Honors Chem this year, AP Bio junior year, and then AP Chem and Honors Physics Senior year? I’ll be done with English by junior year, so that leaves a spot open in my schedule. </p>

<p>Are you doubling up on English somewhere along the way?</p>

<p>No, I took English I in 8th grade so I’m a year ahead.</p>


<p>The chemistry concepts will help a bit in understanding the more abstract portion of biology such as oxidation/reduction, electron trans. chain, etc. BUT you don’t necessarily need to understand it. Plenty of my classmates that didn’t take chem just simply memorized the processes. It does take more effort to memorize something you don’t understand but they did absolutely fine on the tests and exam.</p>

<p>I suggest you take AP biology this year; it’s not too bad of a class. ALWAYS do pre-reading before going to class. I promise you it will make your life a lot easier. Get in a habit of doing this and you’ll be fine. Don’t worry about not having some background. </p>

<p>This will prepare you for next year when you take more than 1 AP classes. Also definitely do try to take physics. It really helps with problem solving skills and abstract thinking. It won’t make a big difference in getting into the colleges you mentioned nor will it have an impact on your ability to get scholarships. It’s just one class. Now if you wanted to apply to MIT, Caltech, and other science-oriented colleges, you definitely should be taking AP level physics. </p>

<p>I got a 5 with no chemistry (except for a year of general, integrated science) on the AP Bio test, self-studied. I didn’t think a background in Chem was important, since they give you all the formulas and stuff on redox, oxidative phosphorylation, etc. is pretty basic.</p>

<p>quite a number of ap classes you got there, make sure you don’t get stressed out first. you can do ap bio without chem, there’s not much chem involved except in the first unit (biochem) but that’s very easy to pick up. I got a 5 with no chem background (and am now taking honors chem, interesting how that works out>_<), I just worked very hard and learned the material. If you apply yourself you will do very well, with or without a chem background. </p>