taking ap chinese

<p>Hey guys, </p>

<p>I'm planning on taking AP chinese this year (native speaker) but I asked my guidance counselor about scheduling for the test but he was clueless and said that he didn't even think AP language tests existed (our school doesn't offer any AP language classes). Therefore, where should I take the test this upcoming may and who should I contact to arrange for the test? Also, should I pay my school or whoever is coodinating my test? I live in the central Columbus area in Ohio just in case one of you lives here and knows.</p>


<p>ask who the AP coordinator is at your school. if your school has an established AP program of any sort, your (presumably competent) AP coordinator would know that they can order any tests and administer them (they dont have to do it if its difficult to accommodate the exam or if your school has a policy that disallows you from taking random APs... but at least they should know that they can). </p>

<p>for chinese this is tough, i took this back in my sophomore year, and then the fact that its a computer based exam makes it relatively difficult to set up (my AP coordinator spent a lot of time preparing it and hes awesome), so the fact that its a computer based test may make it difficult to accommodate if your school doesnt have the resources to administer the test, but hopefully in that case your school can work with you</p>

<p>thank you,. I will contact my AP coordinator and hopefully I'll be able to take it this year.</p>