Taking AP Credit for Engineering

<p>I have 5s on AP US History, Statistics, English, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics C Mech & EM and was wondering if I should take credit for the ones I can. Some people have said that avoiding engineering intro classes is a good idea because they only wind up lowering your GPA. The problem is my uncle, a former high school teacher, has said that students he taught that took AP credit in college later regretted it because they felt lost in the higher courses. What should I do?</p>

<p>intro classes suck + if you're an engineer, you have ALOT of classes to take, so definitely use the credit.</p>

<p>I recommend using credit definitely for biology, chemistry, and calculus bc. </p>

<p>You can't use credit for statistics. </p>

<p>For the rest fo your exams (USH, Physics, English), it's up to you. Do you feel qualified to skip?</p>

<p>if your'e nervous about not being prepared, then do some quick review before coming to cornell</p>

<p>Take the credit.</p>

<p>I am going to sign up for the intro classes in addition to the higher classes in my first semester to see if I'm comfortable with the material and then drop the classes if I felt that I understand the material. Maybe you should do this if you're not sure whether to take the intro classes or not.</p>

<p>Thanks everybody! I think I will definitely skip Biology, Chemistry, and basic Calculus. I felt most comfortable with those anyway. Maybe I will try what TariqM plans to do for Physics.</p>

<p>Well stats doesn't get you anything, APUSH gives you a free liberal arts credit, and English gets you out of one FWS. Those are good things.</p>

<p>I also promise you that Calc, Physics Mech & EM are not classes that you want to take over again here. Take the credit and run.</p>

<li>Junior Engineer</li>

<p>Chendrix, </p>

<p>what do you think of doing phys 1116 instead of normal intro physics (1112)?</p>

<p>i have two options:
skip physics mechanics entirely and go onto E&M
do honors physics (phys 1116)</p>

<p>i'm not doing 1112 b/c i already have a very strong grounding in mechanics and prolly won't learn anything in that class</p>

<p>Taking Physics 1116 is a good idea if you're a prospective Engineering Physics major. It's considered to be good prep for the rigors of the major.</p>

<p>Even if you don't, it's a much smaller class than 1112 and deals with more advanced subject matter. It covers a lot of material you likely wouldn't have seen before and is not covered in AP Mech. If you're truly interested in Physics it's probably a great class to take. I plan to do so this fall.</p>

<p>Also, I've heard the professor taking the class this Fall is bloody brilliant. This fall is also his last semester teaching 1116 so I'd grab the chance ASAP.</p>

<p>I also have the choice of placing out of intro Physics but I'm future AEP.</p>