Taking AP Tests at different Schools. HELP?

I will be Taking Micro,Macro and Psych at my school and Human geo at another. WIll my score report come in one or two. Also if it is separate how will i merge it. Thanks
I have heard about people who have been unable to send scores because they took them at a different school. I don’t want to get in this situation and I would like to have a consolidated report from the start thanks; im only a freshman.</p>

My son took AP tests in two different states, one school wasn’t even his own high school. It was not an issue getting the scores sent. They come from the same place.</p>

Ok thanks, so i should have no problem taking tests in different schools?</p>

No problem at all. I did them like this last year. You just need to make sure you bring your AP Student Pack with you to both tests and use the same student number for both.</p>