Taking Biology at Ohio State University in the summer for Duel Enrollment?


I know this is a bit early considering it’s only the beginning of my sophomore year, but you have to apply and that takes a while.

I am very interested in STEM subjects. So much that I don’t know what I want to do for the rest of my life! I want to take all three science courses at the college level (physics, chemistry, and biology). Unfortunately, I won’t have enough room in my schedule my junior or senior year to take AP biology. (It’s a lab class, and so it takes up two periods.)

I go to a STEM school for almost 80% of the day, so I only have two available classes at my original high school, and I would need to continue Spanish and I want to continue my computer science classes.

My junior year I was going to double up and take regular physics and honors chemistry because my senior year I want to take AP physics and AP chemistry.

I’m going to take a history course next semester at a community college because I already don’t have enough periods to take AP history. (Though College Credit Plus.)

Anyway, I can take biology at Ohio State University in the summer using public transportation. My question is, would it look bad because I’d have take it in the summer? I think trying to take it during the school year would be a bit much for me. I know I could take it at this local community college in the summer as well, but I know Ohio State is going to be regarded as more rigorous.