Taking Chem/Bio/Calc First Semester Good Idea?

<p>Hey there CC so my schedule for 1st semester at the moment contains Intro to Chem/Bio and Diff Calculus for Science as well as a FIG and Public Speaking Course</p>

<p>When I chose those classes I was kind of just grabbing at what I could find at orientation, now I'm wondering if it's really smart to take all those classes 1st semester-I mean I'm in no rush but I'm conflicted.</p>

<p>Also technically I'll be on a premed track, but my desire to be a doctor that I had since fourth grade is quickly becoming something I'd rather not do--in fact I may even transfer colleges into Comm because I'd rather do advertising for like a pharmaceutical company or something</p>

<p>So my question is has anyone done all 3 of those classes 1st semester? If I took AP Bio Senior year (and I am good with content based learning) should I keep BIO? and is Chem really difficult? Please let me know!</p>


<p>-City Student</p>

<p>My son is taking Differential and Integral Calculus, Intro Chem and Honors Bio/Adv Intro to Genetics in addition to Honors Seminar and UG Seminar. I think what you describe is a pretty common combination of classes for a lot of majors, not just pre-med.</p>

<p>This is a relatively light courseload for any major.</p>

<p>Depends on your prof i guess. I'm taking CH301 BIO 311C M408D BME102L UGS303 and UGS103. I'm only worried about Biology. Apparently Dr.Wandelt's tests are ridiculously hard.</p>

<p>Think about spring semester as well. CH301 is mostly conceptual, but 302 becomes more calculational. Chem lab is a separate course, CH204, taken in the spring. It's only two credits, but it's a lot of work. Also be aware that they assume you know a certain amount of chemistry going in, and if you don't know things like atomic structure and moles and molecular weight and balancing equations, you're going to have to teach yourself that stuff.</p>

<p>I took all 3 of those classes my first semester. It's inevitable to take all 3 at the same time anyways. The prereq for chemistry is calculus and the prereq for biology is chemistry, so obviously, you'll have to take all 3 (as well as the ALEKS test for calculus and chemistry) or else you'll be dropped from all 3 courses. It's not that hard balancing all 3 of those classes. CH 204 (chem lab) is EASY. Sure, it's a lot of work, but spread it out over a week and you're good to go.</p>