Taking Chemistry Senior Year and Applying for Nursing Program

The title just about sums it up. I am a rising senior who took AP Bio last year and has never taken a regents chemistry class. I am taking it this year and planned on applying to my local cc nursing program on Long Island (Suffolk Community College) and later transferring, but I am now worrying about how not taking chemistry until now will effect me when the program requires it. Will I have to take a bridge program, or be completely rejected and have to apply for the spring semester? Is there a possibility that they’ll accept me and wait to see my rejects score? I have tried to find information on this, but I can’t seem to find any answers. I am in a very good standing in all other aspects to be accepted into the program, I just have the chemistry problem.

If you’ll complete your chemistry course in the spring, you should be fine. It won’t affect admissions. Yes, they will look at your regents score. If you fail or do poorly, you risk rescission of your admission.