Taking classes at community college

<p>I'm taking community college courses next year at community college
I wanted to take either advanced physics courses or math courses (MVC or modern physics..)
But some college students suggest it's a better idea to take English or humanities at cc so I can receive credit at college if I want to major in physics, math, or engineering...
Is this true? Should I take classes like econ, history, or English courses at CC?
Next year, my schedule is
AP Bio
AP Lit
AP Gov
AP Euro</p>

<p>What do you think? And if it's wise to take courses in humanities or English, what courses do you guys suggest ? (I'm thinking about taking Spanish at college... I've done up to Spanish 2)</p>

<p>The school I'm aiming are
Stanford, MIT, Cal State SLO, UCLA, Duke, and Columbia</p>

<p>How do students possibly juggle a schedule like this kid?</p>

<p>Well, you need to take classes you're comfortable with. Also, do all of those schools transfer community college credits? If so, they may only take some. If you want to major in physics/math/engineering and they only take humanities/English credits, then the former demonstrates "the most difficult curriculum available" or "challenging yourself" while the latter is a way to get credit. But schools may take both or neither. You could do some research to find out.</p>

<li>Somes schools treat AP credit and community college class credit as the same (UCLA for sure, I don't know about the others); in that case, since you're already taking English Lit AP there's no point in taking an English CC class in case the AP credit and class credit don't double up.</li>
<li>Check with your high school to see if a CC class will fulfill high school graduation requirements, in case you need that subject taken at the HS to graduate (at my school, for example, economics is a graduation requirement, and I can't take it at a CC even if it would count for college credit in that case).</li>
<li>Many of the top colleges recommend taking math for four years in high school; is there a reason you're not taking a math class this year, or is it because you were going to do it at a community college?</li>

<p>As for the actual experience, community college is pretty chill. Register on time before spots run out, keep in touch with your high school counselor, and never buy a textbook new--try to resell it at the end of the course to a student if you can. The classes are typically taught on an easier level than APs but harder than normal high school classes, obviously.</p>

<p>I've personally only taken a single class--math--at a community college, though (and it was only Algebra II, so I could get on the advanced track; I'm planning on a liberal-artsy major), and it was not for college or high school credit. I hope I helped at least a bit. Good luck.</p>

<p>I took all 4 math classes for 3 years... According to your answers, I guess it just depends on the school then?? :(</p>

<p>Our highschool doesn't take CC credit.. I'm planning to take 5 highschool classes and 2 CC classes .. 1 of the CC classes would be Spanish, and I don't know what else to take..
Thinking about Econ, Modern Physics, MVC, or USH.. (I took regular US for my junior year..)</p>