Taking Classes at Multiple Community Colleges

There is a possibility that I might be taking classes at different community colleges this fall. My primary school doesn’t offer my language (french) so I’ll be taking it at another school to fulfill igetc req. I am also working on completing nursing prerequisites and the class I want to take (A&P) is full but I have found another school nearby. In total I would be attending 3 community colleges!

Would this harshly affect my transfer chances?

Attending 3 different CC’s should not be an issue. Over the years,I have seen several successful transfer applicants that had to do the same to get their requirements completed.

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Thanks for the reply. I was worried partly because the other school is on a semester schedule while I attend a quarter school. I think I will try to enroll in classes that I need.

the thing to be careful about would be splitting a year-long sequence at multiple CCs. For example taking French 1A at one school and French 1B at a different one. Unless they are part of the same CC system, there may be an issue about whether you’ve really completed a full year sequence. But if you’re taking the full year at a single CC this won’t be an issue. If you are planning on taking them at different schools be sure to check with a counselor first, preferably a UC counselor when they visit one of your CC’s (they have regular visits to all Calif CC’s)