Taking classes at two schools to transfer

Hello, so I’m currently a full time student at X University, and I want to transfer out. It’s only my first year, but I hate the school life here. I want to transfer to another school but the transfer credit minimum is 60 semester credits. I’m currently enrolled in 18 credits for. Is there any way that I can take online courses from a community college back at home to fulfill this credit minimum during the school year. Can all these credits transfer over? (I’m planning to spread the loadwork out during winter as well).

You cannot possibly complete ~2 years of coursework over the span of ~1 year (if you want a half-decent GPA). You can either stay put for two years at your current university (which you don’t want to do, I understand) or you could withdraw from your current institution, and enroll in a community college.

Did you apply to this school when you were in HS?

No, I was placed in this institution after the original rejected me. But now I see I made a huge mistake

You should not attend an institution you hate. I suggest you withdraw and enroll in a community college. You’ll have time to think about where exactly you want end up, and you’ll have more resources at your disposal to make an educated decision on the entire transfer process.

Best of luck!

Transfer students get terrible financial aid, might as well save money and go to CC