Taking Community College Classes During High School

Hi, I am a sophomore currently and I have three questions about taking cc classes during high school.

  1. Let’s say I am taking a physics class at my local community college. I got an A. On a Community College level, the GPA is 4.0, but if I transfer the grade to my high school, would it change to a 5.0?

  2. If I do badly on the community college class, can I just not transfer the grades to my high school transcript + university transcript, and they will not count the class nor its credit?

  3. If I do badly again, will Universities require that I show I’ve taken that class without me mentioning it? WIll it go onto my university GPA? Will medical schools also look at this and count it?

I don’t believe college grades ever transfer to your hs transcript. My kids submitted two transcripts, one from hs and one from college. I’m don’t think med schools would require cc transcript from classes that you took in hs, but I’m not 100% on that.

In Ohio, yes your college classes would be recorded on your transcript and must be weighted similarly to other classes at your high school. See the state’s answer to question 4:

Yes. High school credit awarded for courses successfully completed under College Credit Plus will appear on your high school transcript. Courses successfully completed under College Credit Plus must be listed by course title on the high school transcript. All College Credit Plus courses will be computed into the GPA using the same scale as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or honors courses in your district, based on the common subject area - not curriculum - of the weighted advanced standing class/course.

ORC 3365.12

Updated 9/24/19

from College Credit Plus | FAQ | Ohio Higher Ed

The answer to your first question is, it depends. So check with your school.

Hi, My daughter was dual-enrolled so we just went through this…Most college applications, including Common App will ask if you attended college during high school, so you add your high school and the community college separately. That community college transcript will be on your “to do list” of things admissions dept. will need. I don’t know how they weigh it within the admissions decision, but you will be asked for the transcript of any college class you take in high school.

If you know your top schools, you can find their transfer link and see which classes from that community college will transfer to that exact school. It’s not guarenteed, but It’s a good way to pick which classes to take in high school.

My oldest did two years of dual enrollment only in high school.

  1. Every high school is different as to how they count your college gpa in with high school grades if at all - for us the info is included directly in the high school program of studies but you can as your guidance counselor about that if needed - do not go by what someone at another school says.

2 even if the grade is on your high school transcript most colleges will still want the official college transcript sent to them. They will decide if they will give credit or how they count the class but if you want to take it again you would need to talk to them. Usually if the grade is below x it doesn’t count.

3 in general unless you go from a community college into a state school only credits transfer not gpa. However when you apply to school beyond the bachelor’s program you will once again need to submit all college transcripts which include college classes taken during high school which they can and most likely will count including medical school ’

For my daughter her high school transcript did give the college class subject and grade but she still needed to submit the actual college transripts. She had to order an official transcipt to submit signed/sealed to her high school guidance counselor to put on naviance for most schools even though her gc had a way to access it. By the time she was finished with her final class she had already matriculated and send it directly to the school.

You would need to ask your high school for its rules but at our high school all grades count just the same as if you got a bad grade in a high school class it would still count.

I think my experience might be different, my daughter has taken 7 college classes in high school, so we have dual-enrolled experience, but since she’s homeschooled I dealt directly with the admissions office as a school counselor. In that experience, I learned that colleges/universities sometimes unpack the weighted GPA, or recalculate the way it’s weighted regardless of what your school submits, so it’s “apples to apples” for all students. This changes depending on the university or college. Undergrad admissions departments vary, so if you know the schools you’re applying to, it’s worth asking them how they will calculate/weigh/include your dual-enrolled classes. Also, credit transfer may be quite different from school to school. Hope this helps!