taking eecs 183, 280

<p>So i'm debating whether or not i should take eecs 183 or 280. I'm still not set on becoming a comp sci major but i don't want to have to take 183 one semester and take 280 the next and make me wait even longer to declare my major (i'm an incoming sophomore). taking 183 would mean i'd have to take 280 winter semester and 281 junior year fall which would be later then i want for being able to declare the major.
but the reason i'm afraid to take 280 is because i don't have very much experience with computer programming or language. would it be too hard with little to no experience?</p>

<p>have u taken engin 101? 280 is like a continuation of that. if you have, then you should be fine</p>

<p>no i have not</p>

<p>Take 183 .</p>