taking exam but not course

<p>I didn't do very well on the world history ap, so i decided not to take ap us history at my school. the deadline for sending in money for aps at my school is september 30. however, if for some reason i am amazing at us history, would there be a way to take the exam this year without giving them money before september 30?</p>

<p>I think you can take AP exams at other schools and such.</p>

<p>wow september 30 ...thats early...lol</p>

<p>well i can take it at my school, im just wondering if i can possibly register for this year's ap after september 30th</p>

<p>schools handle the billing for the AP's themselves so they set the deadline. the actual deadline that they have to notify the college board is a lot later than that, though.</p>

<p>it's not like the SAT, for example, where you register and pay the college board directly. </p>

<p>so if your school says sept 30, then, you either have to pay by that date, figure out if it's possible to take somewhere else, or beg your school to let you pay after that date.</p>

<p>why cant i notify the college board myself?</p>

<p>for us...you have 2 pay by the deadline...if not..the school will make sure u pay for the test 2 take it at a diff. school...or we wont get credit for the class</p>

<p>jus be careful bout that 2</p>