taking graduate classes at a DIFFERENT university

<p>I go to a small college that does not have any kind of graduate school. I know sometimes undergrads take grad classes in their school's graduate programs, but I obviously can't do that. Is there a way for me to take grad classes at a different university, probably in the summer? How would I go about applying to take such classes?</p>

<p>The main reasons are I am interested in more challenging classes and I want to see if I would like grad school.</p>

<p>Don't know if you'd be able to do it since you're a current undergrad, but once you graduate most universities let you do graduate non-matriculated coursework in some fashion. You'd have to research nearby universities to see if they allow anything like this for students in your situation, as it most likely varies (though my guess is no).</p>

<p>Some universities allow you to take graduate courses during the summer, even if you don't have your undergraduate degree.</p>

<p>This might vary by field, but I had the impression that most universities don't teach graduate courses over the summer.</p>

<p>I just had a look at Boston University's summer offerings and they do offer graduate courses over the summer.</p>