Taking GRE tomorrow. 2 quick questions please !

<p>Taking the GRE tomorrow morning. I got 2 quick questions I would love for someone to give their opinion about before the test please:</p>

<p>1) im applying to PhD programs in math. I already took the GRE in the old scale and received 770 quant, 400 verbal, and 6.0 writing (equivalent of 161q/146v in new scores). Im retaking tomorrow to improve my scores. However I dont really care about the writing section. Could I tomorrow just not write anything for that section and receive a NS score? I dont really want to stress myself and get tired for the other important sections since I hate writing and since im applying to math, I dont think its a big deal? Anyways they will have my previous score if they want it.</p>

<p>2) Do universities "superscore" the GRE just like I remember them superscoring the SAT? Lets say I improve my quant but decrease my verbal in this seating. Will they take the new higher quant and the old higher verbal?</p>

<p>Thanks! Appreciate it.</p>

<p>I've taken the GRE twice and NEVER took the writing section seriously, for the same reason as you.</p>