Taking January SAT subject tests

<p>I am applying for undergraduate admissions at Columbia, Princeton, Harvey Mudd, and Pomona (all schools that seem to like sat II's a lot). I took sat subject tests once and got a 650 on math 2 and 670 Chemistry. They were the week after the AP tests so I didn't have time to study for them and I know I can do better. I am looking to become a physics major but didn't take that test because the physics class is a joke. Would it be worth retaking these tests in january? I have a 5 in AP Calculus AB and a 5 in AP US History (although I don't think that will help much). Could these scores make up for the bad subject scores?

<p>My ACT composite is 32. My individual are math 33, english 34, reading 35, science 32</p>

<p>that's going to be pretty hard applying with those scores (especially princeton and columbia), so i would say try retaking</p>

<p>Offtopic, but your ACT composite is actually 34, not 32 unless your individuals are superscored</p>